The 'Faces of Grayson' Photo Book is HAPPENING!

That's right, after a month on Kickstarter my photo book on the wild ponies of the Grayson Highlands in Virginia is funded...and not just 100%...not 150% or even 200%. The final project fundraiser reached an incredible 237% funding total! I'm currently expecting delivery of the first run of proofs literally today(3/1/2018). Yeah, really!

Forward authorship TBD In the meantime, check out all the info on the project below!


The Appalachian Trail runs through 14 states and takes the adventurous soul on a 2,181 mile journey through some of the most beautiful country in America. The AT crosses the Grayson Highlands of Virginia just north of the Roan Highlands and around the 500 mile mark from it's genesis at Springer Mountain in Georgia. 

There's something magical about this leg of the AT. It's different, unordinary . There are wild ponies. These feral horses survive on the rugged balds of the Highlands and range freely amongst the crags and draws along the trail. These horses are robust, wild, and as uniquely individual as any human. It became my goal to photograph these wonderful creatures in a style of portraiture. Recording as many of them as I could in their true nature.

Their faces, their personalities, their souls...shown to you in photographs which exhibit their resilience.   "Faces of Grayson" is an ambitious undertaking. The book will bring the extraordinary individuality of these truly amazing ponies to you. The images will tell the story of the near-fairy tale world of the wild ponies of Grayson and their unique beauty. 

The limited run of the book is scheduled for early 2018. The Kickstarter campaign ends January 14th and is now LIVE! You have the opportunity to be a part of this project and secure your own limited production copy of "Faces of Grayson".


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